Specials 9-21-18                                                                                        Specials 9-21-18
 Drunken Baked Sea Scallops with Almond Crust $24
Fresh wild caught sea scallops baked to perfection with white wine and garlic herb butter then topped with sweet local corn, Mozzarella cheese and smoked almond Ritz Cracker crumbs served with choice of one side.
Grilled Swordfish Steak with Pistachio Caper Butter $24
Fresh wild caught swordfish steak seasoned and grilled to perfection then topped with white wine lemon caper roasted pistachio garlic herb butter sauce served over Parmesan risotto with choice of one side.
Coffee Rubbed Pork Porterhouse with Black Bean Salad $21
Fresh bone-in pork porterhouse chop seasoned with ancho coffee spice rub and grilled to perfection then topped with fresh black bean salad served with Mediterranean spiced rice and choice of one side.
Braised Lamb Osso Buco with House Made Chickpeas $23
Fresh American raised lamb osso buco braised to perfection in flavorful stock with carrots and potatoes then topped with house made chickpeas in sauce served over red bliss mashed potatoes with choice of one side.
Pan Seared Jumbo Shrimp with Hand Made Ravioli $24
Fresh wild caught shrimp pan seared to perfection in white wine garlic butter sauce topped with Parmesan cheese and balsamic reduction served over hand made ravioli served with choice of one side.
Spicy Lobster Romano with Cavatappi Pasta $21
Fresh wild caught lobster meat sauteed to perfection in our spicy marinara cream sauce then tossed with fresh hand made Cavatappi pasta topped with Pecorino Romano cheese served with choice of one side.

Vegetables - Broccoli / Asparagus / Summer Squash
Soup - Tuscan Bean and Sausage